If you are someone who has made mistakes that eventually damaged your credit image, don’t feel sad because you are not alone. For your information, about sixty-eight percent credit users in the United States commit credit mistakes and eventually damaging their credit scores before their thirtieth birthday. Despite this staggering reality, are you aware of the fact that there is an absolute way by which you can repair and fix your credit score and make it bounce back higher like before?

The First Line of Defensecredit-score-graphic_large

So, what is the first thing that you need to do in order to get you started with your aim to fix your poor credit rating? Basically, it is important to first have a thorough understanding about how your credit rating is calculated. For your information, there is a simple way to calculate your credit rating but you have to be reminded that all categories are not created the same and equal.

  • Pay Your Bills On Time. Do this for always and you are good to go to repair your damaged credit rating. Remember that your payment history covers thirty-five percent of your credit rating. This is indeed an effective way to move forward especially in your aim to rebuild your damaged credit score. If it’s hard to stay current with your bills, make it a point to do a way to get current and be retentive on it along the way. This can happen if you put your bills as your top priority. As you do this step, you’ll soon notice that your credit score starts to rise.images
  • Limit the Usage of Credit Cards. Excessive spending with the use of your credit card can put you into a pit wherein you will surely become more financially-broke in the end. If you make use of thirty percent of your card’s available credit, you are actually hurting your credit score in the process. As much as possible, you should get all your credit card accounts down to thirty percent. You are also advised to not or to never carry a credit balance as well.
  • Consult with a Credit Repair Provider. If you are uncertain about your credit reports, it is highly advised that you should take the time to contact a credit repair company and undergo consultation in the process. With this provider, you will be guided on your way towards incorrect, outdated or misleading information regarding your credit report. For your information, more than forty million people all over the world had dealt with material errors found on their credit reports. You could be one of the unknowing people who suffer from these errors. So, if you have not seen and reviewed your credit score, you should take the time to look at it and find a way to review it to make sure that the figures are accurate.